favicon SEXUCATION was established in 2007 by Robin Mills in an effort to provide comprehensive sexual health education to youth, women, and young women of color in particular. As a bisexual Black woman coming of age in the early 90's, my kind was not discussed in sex education classes. All the bodies were white and everyone was assumed heterosexual, leaving me and others like me invisible in terms of sex and sexuality. Feeling invisible may hinder a person from being the best they can be. In order for one to be their best, one must be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and yes...sexually. The best way to maintain sexual health is through preventive measures like education. As such, SEXUCATION is committed to helping people Keep It Safe 'n Sexy (KISS) by promoting positive sexuality and providing folks with necessary tools to make a sexually informed decision.

About the Owner

favicon In 2001, Robin obtained her Bachelors degree in Psychology from Mills College in Oakland, California. While attending Mills College she earned the Mills College Kinsey Award for her dedication to the study of sexuality. Ms. Mills was also awarded a Mills College Psychology Research Award for her thesis entitled "Self vs. Others: Ratings and Frequency of Various Sexual Behaviors." Furthermore, Ms Mills was selected as one of three students from Mills College to present her thesis findings at the Western Psychological Association's Annual Undergraduate Research Conference.

Ms. Mills went on to earn her Masters degree in Human Sexuality Studies from none other than San Francisco State University (SFSU). Who knows more about sex than folks in San Fran? While attending SFSU, Ms. Mills completed an internship as a Research Analyst at the Black Coalition on AIDS as well as traveled to the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts to provide comprehensive sex education and street outreach. Preliminary results of her Master's thesis, "They Didn't Tell Us That: Black Women's Sexuality Education in the 1920s - 1940s" was presented at the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS) Sexual Rights and Moral Panics International Conference in 2004. Since graduating with her Master's degree, Ms. Mills has worked very hard to spread the message of positive sexuality through comprehensive sexual health education. Ms. Mills is currently employed as a Health Educator and the Sexual Health Education Program Coordinator at UC Berkeley.