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The 12 Days of April
Get Tested Because Sex is Risky

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They Didn't Tell Us That:

Black Women's Sexuality Education in the 1920s-1940s (Paperback)
By Robin Mills

Product Description:

While there have been great accomplishments in the area of women's history as well as education, Darlene Clark Hine points that black women's history is just beginning to emerge as a vital area within women's and Afro American history, and much work remains to be done. Part of the work that remains both in the field of human sexuality as well as Black women's history includes uncovering the voices of elder women who have been overlooked and undervalued. This book attempts to fill the remaining space with accounts of sexuality education and experiences as told by Black women, thereby contributing to current sex education literature by providing a glimpse into sexuality education and its resulting impact on Black women in the 1920s - 1940s. Moreover this book adds to both Black women's sexual history and sexuality education in that it makes visible that which was once invisible. The oral histories presented here should prove helpful to Black people, young and old, as well as students, educators and researchers interested in the history of sexuality education and/or Women of Color.

My book is available on Amazon.com! To review it or to purchase it, click on the following link:   They-Didn't-Tell-Us-That: 1920s-1940s



Seductive Delusions: How Everyday People Catch STD's

I recently read "Seductive Delusions: How Everyday People Catch STD's" by Dr. Jill Grimes and I wanted to share it with you. I found the book to be a refreshing new approach to educating young adults about sexually transmitted infections.

* Do you know which STDs are transmitted without sex?

* Which diseases are prevented with proper condom use,
  and perhaps more importantly, which ones are not?

* Is textbook information too boring to read and remember?


Johns Hopkins University Press has recently released a new book "Seductive Delusions: How Everyday People Catch STDs", by Jill Grimes, MD.

"Seductive Delusions" reads like episodes of Grey's Anatomy, highlighting accurate information about STDs through conversations behind closed exam room doors as well as bulleted fact sections about each disease. Stories are more powerful than statistics!

Meredith, Justin, or any of the characters could be your friend, associate, or even you!
They are educated, attractive, upstanding individuals who are shocked that they have ended up with an STD. Most of us don't expect to find STDs in our group of society, yet primary care providers daily treat patients across all racial, social, and educational boundaries for herpes, HPV, and the other STDs.

For more information visit JillGrimesMD.com  http://www.jillgrimesmd.com,
or you may purchase "Seductive Delusions" from Amazon.com  http://www.amazon.com
or at Barnes & Nobles, Borders or your local bookstore. Let's spread knowledge, not disease!